Life cycle of the head lice

The human head louse attaches its eggs (7-10 a day) to the base of the hair close to the scalp (it may lay up to 300 eggs during its life cycle)

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O-effect® is an innovative technology of ICB Pharma making possible in 100% effective and rapid therapy for lice infestation already after single use of the product.

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NITOLIC® liquid treatment – 5O ml,
NITOLIC® removal comb

  • Kills lice
  • Kills super lice
  • Kills eggs
  • Safe
  • Only one time use

The number of treatments depends on hair length:

Long hair
Medium hair
Short hair
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Treats lice infestation (Pediculus humanus capitis) in a few easy steps:

  • apply Nitolic® liquid treatment in accordance with the instructions and leave on for 1 hour
  • rinse off the product
  • comb the hair out with Nitolic® removal comb
  • ...IT IS SO EASY!!
Instructions for use


Head lice have developed resistance to traditional insecticides that act by disrupting their physiological processes, which results in treatment failure.

The mechanical blockage of the louse’s breathing apparatus, the concept on which NITOLIC® liquid treatment is based, eliminates the possibility of lice becoming resistant to this specific treatment.

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The new generation of lice so called - Super Lice, is much harder to kill due to the developed genetic resistance against the commonly active substances used in many popular head lice products.

NITOLIC® technology offers a mechanism of killing and eliminating lice and their eggs without the likelihood of encountering genetic resistance. It does not contain any pesticides, which Super Lice are resistant to and therefore it is effective against them

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Head Lice and Nits treatment KIT


treatment - 50ml

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Removal comb


Instructions for use